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Why I’m A Member of the Church of Christ #3

Why I’m a Member of the Church of Christ

For a fortunate few—we can say we are members of the Church of Christ because of our parents!

Some people view that as an unsavory boast. To them it suggests that your church membership is based upon the decisions of your parents, not upon the merits of your own faith. I understand and appreciate the caution that no one should base their faith upon the thoughts and ideas of someone else. But taken in its most positive light—that is exactly what I mean! My parents made decisions and took actions that have resulted in my coming to faith in Jesus and my determining to be a member of the Church of Christ.

Consider this analogy: When you were a small child you looked up to your parents secure in their unconditional love. They could do no wrong and you followed them with all the confidence in the world that they were guiding you with your best interests in mind. When you entered your teenage years you started thinking differently. You wanted independence which often clashed with what your parents wanted for you. Eventually with the conflict being so acute and so constant you concluded that your parents didn’t understand you—didn’t understand much of anything actually. You could see that some of their beliefs and values were just plain weird. Their reactions to your own ideas caused you to doubt if they even loved you. Finally, you were old enough to leave home and live on your own. Your parents weren’t in your business as much, but they were available when you had questions—and available, even when you needed more than advice. You had begun to suspicion it long before, but after having children of your own and seeing how your parents dote over them (like they used to do with you), you understand—they are not without their faults, but they are your parents, you love them, they are part of you and you of them.

I speak about this analogy in regard to my being a member of the Church of Christ. I grew up in The Church. I rebelled against The Church. Finally, I embraced again my heritage in The Church.

The Church, like our parents (maybe in part—because of our parents), is not perfect. But a fortunate few of us are members of the Church of Christ because of those parents.

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