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Kenya Missions
Daniel Sembenje is a native of Kenya who studied the Bible through World Bible School with Pat Wright serving as his teacher here in Fredericksburg, VA.  Daniel came to faith in Christ and with time accepted a call to minister the gospel to his village and country.  He attended Bible College in Kenya and began the Bungoma Church of Christ.  Someone stays in regular contact with Daniel as we continue to support his ministry in Kenya.

Mountain Mission
Rescuing Kids. Raising Leaders. Reaching Nations.
Our mission is to stand as a refuge, resource and relief for the child in need by providing:

  • First-class residential care for her children to include: shelter, clothing and nutritious meals, accompanied by loving, adult nurture and guidance.

  • First-class educational opportunity and instruction for her student body to include: classroom Biblical, academic and enrichment studies along with a wide range of extracurricular activities.

  • A continual occasion to encounter the Christian gospel for her children, staff, and any who should visit the campus, to include: regularly scheduled hours of congregational worship, in-residence and in-school devotional periods, relating the truth of Christianity to all areas of academic or enrichment studies, home life and the human condition generally.

In all things to offer the best of our efforts to Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father through the help and good offices of the Holy Spirit.

World Bible School
WBS is a nondenominational ministry. Christians that support WBS believe that:
we should follow the Bible only, not human doctrines or opinions;
nothing should be required of people as acts of faith except that which is evident in the Bible;
Jesus Christ lived, died, resurrected, and lives today for those who believe in Him, so that they can have hope, joy, love, and life.
with the Bible as our guide, we should seek to restore the original church of Christ as found in the Bible’s New Testament.
We believe the Bible alone must serve as the basis for all religious teaching and that all authority in the church belongs to Christ. We are not a denomination, but simply Christians that belong to the “body” of believers of which Christ is the “head”. We plead for religious unity among all believers based on the Bible.

Daryl was the Minister for the Fredericksburg church from 2002 until 2014.  He and his wife Laurie had served as missionaries in Kenya for over a decade before returning to the U.S. and continuing his education in religious studies before coming to Fredericksburg.  Daryl is helping to equip leaders by working with the Mbale Church of Christ in the areas of mentoring and discipleship.  He also is an instructor on the Bible faculty of LivingStone International University and Messiah Theological Institute.  Laurie serves as Guest Services Coordinator for the hundreds of annual visitors that come to stay and take part in the ministry of the Mbale team consisting of three families beside Daryl and Laurie.  They have three adult children and two grandchildren.  Learn more at:

Church Ministries

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