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Following state and CDC guidelines, the Elders have composed a survey for the members to review.  Please complete the survey questions and return your survey in one of three ways:


1. Print the survey and mail to the church post office box:


Fredericksburg church of Christ, PO BOX 657, Fredericksburg, VA  22403


2. Follow the link provided in the bulletin. 


3.  Save a copy of the survey and email it to:



We care deeply about the safety of each member.  Returning to the building will require enforcing health safety rules to protect all members.  We will continue to follow the guidance of the CDC and Governor of Virginia as we make our decisions.  We welcome your questions and concerns. 


No one should feel uncomfortable or pressured to return to the physical building so we will continue to broadcast the partaking of communion and the lesson for as long as needed.

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